Single Source Solution

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Focus more time on what you do best. A PEO makes managing employees far more efficient by building an ecosystem where HR, benefits, payroll and workers' compensation are all connected.

Experience complete integration with technology, people and insurances.

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Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Using a PEO Already?

Circumstances change. We can seek out a more suitable PEO partner for your organization.


Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Multi-State Workforce

PEOs have a nationwide footprint. They are ideal for a multi-state HR and benefits infrastructure.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Health Benefits

A PEO has significant buying power. Reduce and stabilize health premiums over the long term by utilizing a PEO’s nationwide health insurance plan.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Human Resources

PEOs provide a fractional HR + labor law compliance solution. Pair a PEO with your General Counsel, existing HR team or work with a PEO to establish an HR foundation. 

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Human Capital Strategy

Employees are your biggest asset. Compete to attract and retain talent by offering better benefits and a more engaging culture.