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How We Help

FinServ PEO Brokers are experts in seeking out the best PEO for your firm. With 20 years of PEO experience, we thrive at helping our clients select the best PEO.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

500+ PEOs nationwide with different health carriers, service models and cost structures. We simplify the PEO search & comparison, empowering you to select the best PEO partner for your business.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

 PEO evaluations are time consuming and complex. We take care of the time-consuming tasks by identifying the right PEOs from the start and sourcing relevant proposals for review.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Lean on our decades of experience to seek out the best PEO partner. We work closely with your firm throughout the PEO experience to ensure expectations are met.

Why Partner With a PEO?

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Using a PEO Already?

Circumstances change. We can seek out a more suitable PEO partner for your organization.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Multi-State Workforce

PEOs have a nationwide footprint. They are ideal for a multi-state HR and benefits infrastructure.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Health Benefits

Benefits are critical to your organization. Leverage a PEO's aggregation model to access the richest portfolio of health plans nationwide.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Human Resources

PEOs provide a fractional HR + labor law compliance solution. Pair a PEO with your General Counsel, existing HR team or work with a PEO to establish an HR foundation. 

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Single Source Solution

Leave fragmented vendor solutions in the past. A PEO offers a fully integrated solution with payroll, benefits and HR. 

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Human Capital Strategy

Employees are your biggest asset. Compete to attract and retain talent by offering better benefits and a more engaging culture. 

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

Increase Profitability by Partnering with a PEO

PEO clients have more bandwidth to focus on core competencies. PEOs are designed to help in many ways, but the ultimate outcome for any PEO client is a more profitable organization with a highly engaging culture.

PEO Users Compared to Non-PEO Users (NAPEO White Papers)

  • 98% of business owners using a PEO would recommend a PEO
  • 27.2% ROI when using a PEO
  • PEO users: 50% less likely to go out of business
  • Employee Turnover: 10-14% less turnover with a PEO