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Find the Right PEO: 3 Simple Steps

  • Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

    Initial Consultation

    Let’s learn about your business, discuss what you have in place today, and explore how a PEO can help.

  • Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

    Source & Compare

    We source 3-5 PEO proposals from 500+ PEOs nationwide. The results are compiled into a single financial and services comparison to simplify the PEO selection process. 

  • Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC

    PEO Selection

    We guide you through a 360-degree framework to evaluate all elements of your PEO options so you can select the best PEO partner.

    Once you have selected your PEO partner, our PEO Concierge Support begins with implementation and on-going service optimization.

PEO Concierge Support

Our clients want to maximize the use of their PEO service. We actively help our clients engage and coordinate the wide range of services available through any PEO partner.

Pwer PEO Consulting, LLC