Hedge Fund PEO Solutions

Hedge Funds are uniquely positioned to benefit from a PEO solution. Reach out to learn more about our vetted portfolio of PEOs designed for Hedge Funds.

NYC Health Insurance (UCR)

New York City is a unique market for health insurance. Many doctors do not accept insurance so employees may prefer to use out-of-network coverage. Only select PEOs offer health plans with the richest out-of-network coverage called UCR. We have a portfolio of PEOs with UCR plans from multiple health carriers.


Health is wealth. PEOs provide unparalleled benefit packages for small businesses. We partner with PEOs that offer elite benefit packages to Hedge Funds. If benefits are important to your firm, a PEO can deliver what you need to compete for talent and exceed employees' expectations. 

White Glove Service

Select PEOs that work closely with Hedge Funds provide white glove support for administrators and employees. This support includes comprehensive health advocacy, access to concierge medical practices and an elite senior support team to expedite resolution to all employee questions. 

Single Source Solution

Time is your biggest asset. Partnering with a PEO will sync critical pillars of HR, benefits and payroll and ultimately create more bandwidth to focus on fund performance. 

HR Infrastructure

PEOs can compliment any existing HR infrastructure. Many Hedge Funds pair their General Counsel, HR Director or CFO with a PEO's HR team to ensure compliance across all states.

For Hedge Funds that do not have an internal General Counsel or HR Director, a PEO can provide foundational support for HR compliance. 

Multi-State Workforce

Connect employees across all states with a multi-state human capital strategy. Talent can be found across the country, so hire employees with ease anywhere in the country to optimize talent and fund performance.