Private Equity PEO Strategy

We will ensure that your PE firm and portfolio companies are accessing the best PEO solution to maximize profits.

Outsource the labor-intensive process of identifying, meeting and evaluating multiple PEOs by tapping into our expertise.

Right the Ship

You acquire businesses to make them better. Human Capital is an important part of any change. A PEO will help align strategic goals with a human capital strategy.

Do More with Less

A PEO is a single-source solution to manage your human capital needs. Replace a multi-vendor framework with a single vendor solution. Partner with experts who can optimize your workforce and reduce employee-related liability.

Drive Top-Line Growth

PEOs understand Employee Engagement. Harness the power of your people through:

Fortune 500 Benefits

Employee Engagement Strategies


Clear HR/Safety policies.

Reduce Costs

A PEO has tremendous buying power due to its economies of scale.

Health Insurance

Workers' Compensation

HR and Labor Law Risk Mitigation

Reduce Employee Turnover

Industry Expertise

FinServ PEO Brokers has deep domain knowledge within the FinServ industry. We also have significant horizontal industry experience to help all portfolio clients. No matter the industry or location, we can help with human capital solutions.

Your Time Is Valuable

Why spend the time to search for PEOs, meet with PEOs, evaluate each PEO proposal, and research your findings? Your time is too valuable.